About Me

My name is Anna Szala. I was born and raised in Toruń, Poland.

I am a Fulbright Graduate Student Award recipient and I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Psychology, Oakland University, Michigan. I work under the supervision of Professor Todd K. Shackelford. My focus lays within evolutionary psychology framework.

My present scientific interests originate from my first encounter with David Buss’ ‘Evolutionary Psychology.’ The book pushed me into the field of EP and directed greatly towards mate preferences and mate selection, which I have been investigating for the last couple of years. I am currently most interested in exploring topics such as what are the adaptive benefits of expressing open vicious hatred towards another gender. Every day I grow more excited about how little is known, and how much room for improvement remains in the field. That provides me with growing motivation for further research into the subject.

When not in the lab, I enjoy hiking through the wilderness, trying out new musical instruments,* not losing chess matches, and playing fantasy computer games. I also love mossy rocks, snowy winters, and fighting those arguing that correlation implies causation.**

* Possibly in the wilderness too, as it is less likely to make my neighbours knock on the ceiling.

** Actually, I think I gave up on that. Now I just close a browser tab or walk out of a room annoyed.