An evolutionary perspective on the radicalization of sociopolitical views

The human evolutionary history extends back hundreds of thousands of years. Social media, a digital social networking tool, is a relatively novel addition to our lives, and yet it has already drastically changed the way we function as a society. Social media also has impacted the process of constructing opinions on our surrounding reality, including forming views about important matters, such as sociopolitical views.

The objective of this project is to delve into the intricacies of the development of the sociopolitical perspectives of the US Americans, utilizing an evolutionary-based theoretical framework. In order to achieve this objective, a thorough examination of the participants’ utilization of social media will be conducted. This examination will encompass an assessment of the extent to which their sociopolitical views have been radicalized in regards to the issues that are specific to the United States. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis of their online conduct, from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, will be executed in order to determine whether their behavior in social media is predominantly focused on cooperative or hostile interactions.